Through Amazing Marketing, you can call on a circle of experts who are passionate about the work they do. They are specialists in their respective fields and will achieve the very best results to bring you the outcomes you need.

Linking everyone together is the owner Peter McKaskell who has spent the past 36 years creating marketing campaigns for his clients as well as his own businesses. For the last 10 years he has been applying his skills and knowledge to Internet marketing strategies and now specialises in that area. Peter works with his customers to seek the most effective solutions in growing their businesses through online media. He is happy to share his vast business knowledge while providing an introduction to his specialists who deliver the very best results – yet at an affordable price.

In his spare time, Peter runs investment seminars for high net-worth investors and is on the executive committee of the Christchurch Business Club. For relaxation he loves fishing the high country lakes and, during the summer, is often found chasing the elusive salmon up the Canterbury rivers.
Call Peter now, on 03 364 8195, for creative ideas on improving your online marketing.

Peter McKaskell
Peter McKaskell