Be Chosen by making it easy for your website visitors to contact you.

Be Chosen by encouraging your website visitors to talk to you.

Be Chosen by using the best words to reach your audience.


Years of experience have taught us how to set up website pages to achieve these results. We know what works and we know how to lay out a page to get people to react. It is both a science and an art form which we have developed through testing and analysis. The great thing about internet marketing is that techniques can be changed quickly to maximize results. We use website analysis to track visitors’ response and we work alongside you to achieve the best results. Peter McKaskell, who owns this business, is an expert at creating good written copy therefore he can guide you and even create it for you, if you wish.

Give us a call on 03 364 8195 to see how to improve your Homepage.


Just as every person who walks into a shop doesn’t buy something, so too, not everyone who contacts you will buy your products or use your services. However, these people have shown an interest and made a connection with you therefore you need to maintain that connection in order to Be Chosen. The most effective way is to email them once or twice a month to let them know about new offers and any exciting things happening in your business.


Your job is to run your business, therefore you probably don’t have the time to maintain email lists while creating interesting emails to send every two weeks. This is why we have developed a specialist email marketing service. For a small monthly fee you can keep the connection with new enquiries while maintaining contact with existing clients, encouraging them to return.