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When it comes to finding new customers, Facebook marketing is where it’s at. For a low advertising spend thousands of potential customers can be reached. Targeted lists can be created with tailor-made adverts being placed on these people’s time-lines. For many businesses, it works incredibly well, bringing them many new leads.

There are around 350,000 Facebook followers in Christchurch alone and each one of these has an individual file created by Facebook. Not only that, Facebook continues recording each follower’s likes and interests while quietly building a comprehensive algorithm on that person. The great advantage to marketers is that audiences, with the same interests, can be created. Only Facebook knows who they are but Facebook will create any audience for marketers and allow us to send targeted advertisements to them.

Once people in these audiences respond to your advertisements, you then have a connection with them and can message them through Facebook Messenger. Now, you create a new audience of these people who are happy to correspond with you because they like what you do. You can continue to provide them with more in-depth information. They become your customers. Facebook Messenger is where it’s at now, for success through Facebook marketing.

The journey from likes to loyal customers is a carefully planned process. It takes many hours to learn the right techniques which produce results. It takes many more hours implementing those techniques through Facebook posts. Business owners need to be working on their businesses rather than spending hours trying to master the Facebook system. This is why businesses need to outsource their Facebook marketing to specialists, like us, who are practiced at getting results.

Our Social Media Marketing package now includes posting on Instagram and LinkedIn, as well as Facebook.


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