Be Found easily by the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo through having the right code or programming behind your website which acts as a magnet to these search engines. Our expert programmer, Oliver Faivre, is a specialist in this form of programming and constructs our websites with coding that is compatible with the algorithms of the search engines. The written content and page layout plays an important part in your ratings too and our people are experienced at this. The expertise we bring raises your ratings in all search engines.


Be Found by being highly visible where everyone is gathering to meet. Businesses set up shops in shopping malls because that is where everyone congregates. On the Internet, you set up a shop front on social media sites because that’s where everyone visits. Amazing Marketing Ltd. has specialists who choose the best social media for your business and know how to create a high profile on that media. We know the techniques to influence people to visit your website.


Be Found by placing adverts in the most strategic places on search engines. Google Adwords delivers the best results which is why we use a dedicated Adwords team for our customers. You will be amazed how cost effective this is because you can track the effect of every $1 you spend in order to maximize your return on costs.

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