Be Seen properly on all mobile devices as well as computers and modern TV’s. Being seen is not just about being viewed but about presentation and flow of information. For example, on a smartphone the information needs to flow vertically with the message being conveyed concisely. It’s more about flow than fit. Written script needs to be punctuated with pictures for relief but not so many pictures that they conceal the information.


When it comes to making a website you need a diverse package. There are too many graphic artists saying they are website developers and there are too many programmers who say they are website developers both of which produce poor performing websites. A great website grows from the combination of many skills. Our head of website development, Oliver Faivre, is not only a great programmer but has extensive commerce experience. His years working in sales, marketing and business logistics coupled with his IT qualifications gives him the ability to produce top performing websites. When creating a website he is always conscious of the code reflecting good SEO as well as the commercial pitch and overall flow of the layout.


Credibility is what the website gives you and your organization. Many professionals don’t use a website for gaining customers but simply as a brochure on the Internet. Either way, your website reflects you, therefore it must exude quality. It is all about the “feel” of the website. To achieve the very best quality, Amazing Marketing Ltd. has aligned themselves with top graphic artists as well as a highly regarded photographer and videographer, all of whom work for very reasonable prices. We use the best to make you look the best.


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