Christchurch advertising and marketing consultants Amazing Marketing Ltd can help you develop cost-effective, simple strategies for building your business fast

Peter McKaskell – Digital Marketing Strategist

What do you get when a kid from Christchurch travels the world, immersing himself in different cultures and languages, learning new ways to think and act, then returns home to immerse himself in business (and raising girls)? You get an Amazing Company!

Our founder, Peter McKaskell has spent his entire life observing, questioning, learning and practicing. Through his travels, his businesses and his friendships with people of all ages, stages and cultures, Peter gained incredible insights into the human condition. While he was busy being amazed at the world, he saw the rise of digital technology – and being a curious chap jumped straight into it, head first! Early adopters don’t just build our future, they create solid foundations by learning from the past, and use their connections to bring the future closer to the present.

Peter had many successes in his career as a businessman. His daughters are busy building their own futures overseas, his wife has positively impacted many lives during her teaching career, he has caught many fish, sampled the best wines, seen incredible sights, and made amazing friendships. When most would be looking forward to their retirement years, Peter was looking forward to the next challenge. Having lived and breathed the struggles of a SME trying to find and retain new customers, he knew it was time to pass his knowledge and experience on to others, and so Amazing Marketing was born!

With an ever-expanding team of creative and passionate workers based in New Zealand, we are growing with the future, by providing out-sourced digital solutions for SME’s, not just in New Zealand but around the world! Our Amazing Team have varied backgrounds, but we all share one thing in common: we love to learn, and we strive to be better at what we do every day. Because each one of us is self-employed, we work as hard on our clients’ businesses as we do on our own – for us, they are our own! We are passionate about our chosen field, whether it be video, writing, website building, networking, social media, graphic design… we all want to be industry leaders, which means we are always learning, always questioning, always experimenting, always moving forward into an amazing future.

With Peter at the helm and team members ranging from enthusiastic college graduates to seasoned tech experts, Amazing Marketing are pumped about our Amazing Future – because it is the future of New Zealand, the future of the world. And we know, if we put in the grind, support our younger generations as well as our older ones and help the true backbone of the Kiwi economy – SME’s – to thrive, we won’t just have an Amazing Future, we will have an Amazing Now. You’re invited, so jump on board.

Call Peter now, on 03 364 8195, for creative ideas on bringing more customers to your business.

Cat Jones – Specialist Content Creator

Maybe it was the copious amounts of fresh air (perfumed with cow pats), or the many hours spent away from society, wandering farm and woodland as she crafted her own explanations for the world and everything in it, but she never knew there was a box to think outside of. Add one bookish mother with a flair for editing, crayons, a gender equal household and plenty of alone-time; mix for a few decades and you’ll have yourself one Cat Jones: Creative Thinker, Experimental Do-er, Fun Finder, Connection Maker.

Primary school introduced her to the world of computer tech (DOS, where would we be without you?) and a long tenure in hospitality taught many lessons: walking a mile in a customer’s my-meal-is-cold moccasins, the value of problem solving five issues in five minutes with a smile, how to be 5 foot nothing and get a crowd of overly enthusiastic people to pay attention at closing time, climbing the ladder from a dishwasher to a manager and never getting too big to wash dishes. Whilst these traits are noble to own, they are clearly not attached to the world of get-me-more-business-please.

And she didn’t know they were. Until the value of listening to a client and understanding their underlying issues was needed. Until the problems got bigger and more expensive but still required speed, due care and a smile. Until the small clients required a large campaign to be heard and seen amongst the crowd. Until she got a job writing ads and learned about the role of a creative director… she’s still working towards that role, still writing ads, and counts every happy client as a successful step forward.


Oliver Faivre – Lead Website Developer

When considering the traditional web developer, most people conjure up an image of a pasty 20 something year old with little knowledge of the outside world (or the world in general), nothing that amounts to life experience and – let’s be honest – still living with family.

Meet Oliver: the French born Tahitian destroying stereotypes and taking names. He’s lived many lives: surfer, entrepreneur, hippy, hippy-surf-preneur, designer, developer, businessman, manufacturer, world traveller. These experiences have created the man, the myth, we celebrate today.

Creator extraordinaire, Oliver pulls inspiration from his varied and colourful past. With an affable personality and a penchant for taking (calculated) risks, opportunity knows that when it knocks at Olivers door – he will always answer. A true creator backs up their natural talent with many different experiences, building layers of skill on a foundation of usefulness. A smart creator aims for the perfect blend of form and function; a productive creator uses tools to improve their output.

When it comes to website creation, it’s rare to find a single designer who understands the balance between a beautiful layout and a functional system. Those who can design a website that is easy to use, often overlook beautiful design as too complex and fussy. On the other hand, developers who tout themselves as ‘web designers’ often pour all their effort into gorgeous layouts and forego the functionality. Then you have the kind who excel at both, sought after far and wide, like some rare jewel with mystical powers. We just call him Oliver, The Great.