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According to Internet Live Stats, Google addresses more than 3.5 billion searches every day. Google’s search engine is the first thing we turn to in case of any query. Digital marketers recognize the importance of SEO to attain high visibility and reach massive audiences.

Good website developers make a website with basic SEO that allows Google to find and register the website. Advanced SEO work is needed to have it rated on the first page of searches. This requires a scientific analysis of the main keywords and phrases that potential customers are likely to use. 

SEO is an ever-advancing skill. As the search engine algorithms change from time to time, the techniques we use to improve our website rankings must adapt to appeal to the updated algorithms. This has given rise to the concept of advanced or pure SEO. Before we answer the question of why advanced SEO is necessary, let’s find out what advanced SEO is.

What is Advanced or Pure SEO?

Pure SEO is much more than just repeating a few relevant keywords on your website and leaving it at that. It’s a concise discipline requiring expertise to bring websites to the top of Google searches.

One of the most common misconceptions about advanced SEO is that it is a collection of ‘secrets’ that can magically propel a website to the top of the search engine rankings without any effort or work. In reality, the so-called secrets that get shared online have nothing to do with advanced SEO techniques. They are merely actions that are either short-lived, which means Google catches them soon, or they work only for a very narrow niche.

Advanced or pure SEO is a process using high-level tactics that require time and effort but prove highly productive in improving a website’s rank. Only specialists in this field can edit your website to make it compatible with the Google search algorithm. Google continues improving its algorithms over time to refine the search results it shows. Therefore, adopting advanced SEO techniques means keeping up with the latest or newly developed ways to maintain that edge in search rankings. It’s a monthly exercise which becomes extremely powerful for businesses. To read a summary of the steps taken, go here:

Why You Need Advanced SEO for Your Website

According to the Search Engine Journal, 60% of all traffic from any particular web search goes to the first three organic search results. Making it to those three spots isn’t easy, though.

While ordinary SEO techniques, if consistently used, can improve your website’s search engine rankings, they will not help you reach the top or portray you as the best company related to the search. Suppose you own a hotel in Christchurch, New Zealand, and you want Google to rank you at the top when someone searches for ‘top hotels in Christchurch, New Zealand.’ You need to adopt advanced SEO to be able to achieve the top rank for that particular search. Here are some critical reasons why advanced SEO is necessary:

Rise of Mobile Bandwidth

In future, the level of traffic directed to mobile devices is expected to exceed the traffic of traditional desktops. The dramatic explosion of smartphone usage has opened up a whole new world of advanced SEO techniques for companies, particularly in the realm of local search optimization. This way, advanced SEO provides you with an incredible opportunity to optimize your reach through smart devices.

Your Competitors are Adopting it

Advanced SEO is a universally accepted tool, and the best corporate players recognize it as a never-ending process. If you’re not continuously improving your SEO practices to achieve better results, you’re losing business to a potential competitor who is using these techniques. By adopting advanced SEO, you are preventing your competitors from overtaking you.

Better Understanding of Your Customer

With advanced SEO techniques, you no longer need to rely on time-consuming market research that doesn’t even provide an accurate picture of consumer preferences and behaviour. Advanced SEO allows you to closely observe customer behaviour through different metrics, such as bounce rates, click-through rates, how customers are navigating through your website, the rate of repeat customers, shopping cart abandonment stats, etc.

Moreover, social media indicators are now given tremendous importance in search engine rankings. Advanced SEO provides you with consumer insights using data obtained from social media platforms, particularly Facebook.

Minimal Cost

Getting leads from email marketing, social media advertising campaigns and PPC marketing all require a considerable amount of investment. Even though advanced SEO requires time to produce results, the relatively low cost associated with it helps improve your ROI. Adopting advanced SEO is more cost-effective than any other digital marketing strategy because once it is implemented it remains forever. While other techniques such as Google Ads or social media marketing all stop once you stop paying, advanced or pure SEO has a long-lasting effect.

In Summary

Currently, 80% to 90% of customers rely on online reviews when they buy products or services. This number is only expected to rise as search engines grab more market share in the upcoming years. To make sure that consumers find your website instead of your competitors’, you need to focus on implementing advanced SEO techniques. With the current sophistication of internet marketing, every website must have advanced or pure SEO, it’s as simple as that.