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Known as the branding specialists in Christchurch, we are the experts to choose for developing your brand to raise it head & shoulders above your competitors.

Extensive research is carried out by our specialists to find where your brand is positioned compared to your competitors’. This includes a preliminary meeting to talk through the marketing strategy, brand, existing research, messaging and target audiences. A plan is formulated to raise the profile of your brand with the aim of making it the brand leader in your marketplace.

Our expert copywriters create articles and blogs for publication on the website and social media as well as distribution to mainstream publications. Synopses are pitched to journalists and editors with follow-up on a regular basis to support content scheduled in the marketing calendar.

Client stories and case studies are a powerful marketing and branding tool for use on websites, sharing on social media as well as printing in brochures and marketing publications. Brand reputation systems can be set up to show positive reviews where they are most likely to be seen e.g. on Google My Business.

Not only can logos be modernised, but colours and fonts can be upgraded without changing the established brand recognition. Fresh custom photography along with video shoots are powerful tools in raising your brand’s profile.

We have many tools available to achieve market leadership for your brand. Every business is different, needing a different combination of tools, and our specialists know which ones will be most useful in raising your brand’s profile.

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