There’s no doubt that running a business today is all about dealing with a compression of time and space. Technology has brought an expectation of speed and instant results. There is an increase in expectations by everyone for everything. There is an overall increase in the complexity of business as both the public and governing bodies are demanding higher transparency and accountability.

Pressure is coming from all directions. A business owner really needs to enjoy dealing with challenges on a daily basis, in order to last the distance.

If life is like a box of chocolates, then business is like a game of baseball. The business owner is standing over the plate getting ball after ball thrown at him from the pitcher. The pitches are constant and never ending and come at him from all angles – fast, slow, high, low. The batter needs to evaluate each pitch then try to knock it into the park. Some he misses altogether but he must maintain a positive frame of mind to stay prepared for each ball.

Like the baseball player, the businessman or woman must totally love the game to be able to keep playing to meet all the challenges. They must exercise and stay in top physical condition to maintain peak performance. They need to follow a good diet to keep the body replenished and functioning well. They need to monitor their sleep as well as their rest and relaxation to take spells away from the constant challenges. They also need a top coach to maintain their training as well as to eliminate bad habits to realise their full potential.

Along the way there’s some really, low lows but there’s even more amazing highs and at the crux of it all, you must totally love the game to be prepared to meet all the challenges of the game.

Technology has brought us new challenges and for marketing it means writing, writing and more writing. We’ve got posts to keep current on social media, we’ve got blogs to update on our website and we should be sending out a regular email to our contacts. It’s all too much, especially if you’re not the creative type. That’s why, at Amazing Marketing, we’ve come up with a new solution: Amazing Phrasing.

We are developing a great team of creative writers who just love sitting at their keyboards creating interesting stories for our clients. They are writing bios, doing LinkedIn posts, making Homepages for websites and even writing blurbs for real estate agents. If the challenge is exciting writing, then they love doing it. The wonderful thing is that it takes away all this writing stress from our clients, freeing them to focus on their businesses.