Attract more Hot Leads using digital marketing, with some help from Peter.

The core focus of your business is linked directly to its ability to get new customers.

It’s all about hot leads, really. Everything comes down to ‘how do we get a new customer NOW?’ Once we learn how to get one new customer, then we can develop a strategy to repeat that process. 

Providing a service?

The most economical way to get more customers, for services, is Google Ads. Google is where everyone goes to find help. 

Whether they need a lawyer, a plumber or someone to clean their blinds, they start with Google. This is great for you because all you need to do is to allocate your marketing budget to a Google Ads campaign. Once you find an expert person to run your Google Ads campaigns then you just sit back and wait for the phone to ring. 

But what if you’ve got a product to sell?

That’s even easier because you have something physical to show people. You can photograph it, video it, demonstrate it…
Where’s the best place to show all this imagery? Social Media, of course! This is where everyone hangs out, so what better place to demonstrate how your product brings value to people’s lives?

It’s the cheapest way of selling, ever. The traditional way of selling products is in shops and shopping malls. Historically, this has costs a small fortune for a business; today we can have shops in many shopping malls… digital ones.

Treat every social media platform like a shopping mall for your digital shop; there’s plenty of them: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn are just the main ones.

Perhaps the greatest thing is that they are not limited to one geographical area. This gives you a much wider customer base than one shop in one location, at a fraction of the price!

Your main shop isn’t your physical location: it’s your website. Therefore you had better have it looking great, to welcome your customers when they arrive. Just like a physical shop, your digital shop (your website), needs to be arranged attractively. It not only needs to be welcoming, but interesting enough to keep your potential customers engaged.

This is where you need a marketing expert to help you lay out your website to encourage your customers to engage with you.

There’s no point spending money on Google Ads or Social Media to bring customers to your shop if your shop is not interesting.

Just as a shopkeeper spends all day in the shop, rearranging stock to make attractive displays, you too, need a shop manager to maintain your digital shop to keep it at its best to bring you customer engagement.

The three main things a customer wants to know when they land on your website are: 

  1. What are you offering me? In other words, what do you do? 
  2. How will it be good for me? I.e. how does what you offer add value to my life? 
  3. How do I contact you? What’s the quickest way I can talk to you about your offer?

How important is human interaction?

The final step is the customers contact with a human. Who is that person going to be? How quickly can they respond? All this needs to be decided by the management. It may be different people at different times of the day but whoever it is, must be trained in the art of sales.  The success of this interaction needs to be measured.

There are two mediums over which this conversation will take place: phone or messaging through message services or email. 

Message threads can be saved for future analysis, but phone conversations need to have a call tracking service to evaluate the quality of the call. It is most important that the call is handled expertly not only to give customer satisfaction but to justify the money spent, up to this point, to get the customer to call. 

What have we learned today?

Through this blog, we have discovered that finding a customer who is ready to purchase your product or service takes three steps: 

  1. Finding your business through Google Ads or Social Media 
  2. Exploring your offer in your digital shop (your website)
  3. Talking with you or your staff directly

Each step must be handled professionally and expertly therefore all three parts command your ongoing attention to achieve success.
The ball is in your court, will you take the shot?