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Interested in knowing the latest trends in digital marketing? Well, here are the main four.

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving field, changing faster than one can refresh their web browser.

Ok, maybe not that fast, but it surely is a very dynamic industry. With the advancements in technology and continually changing customer tastes and preferences, new marketing strategies are introduced every now and then to help businesses gain better insight into advertising their goods and services effectively.  Just a few years back, artificial intelligence and visual search were nothing more than animations in a sci-fi movie. Today, they have become critically important elements of digital marketing.

Whether you are a marketer looking for sure-fire ways to promote your business or just a regular person interested in knowing the latest trends in digital marketing, here are the key aspects of digital marketing that you can no longer ignore in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

While the debate continues over whether AI can take over the world or not, there’s no denying that it has already begun taking over the digital marketing industry at an incredibly fast rate. For example, Google Ads uses AI to identify people who are more likely to follow an advertisement that pops up on their screen.

It has been employed in extracting data from social media for quite some time. But now, AI is also being utilized to analyze consumer behavior using search patterns, the response rate for advertisements, and the likes. According to Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, about 85% of all customer interactions in 2020 will be managed by artificial intelligence.

Businesses that want to survive in the coming years need to start leveraging the use of AI in their marketing strategies. After all, it helps businesses gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior and optimize their digital marketing campaigns accordingly. This, in turn, helps them maximize profits by taking sales revenue to the next level.


While chatbots are a form of AI, they deserve a special mention owing to the fact that they are becoming a highly popular marketing strategy amongst both small and large scale businesses.

Chatbots are normally embedded into the business’ website or social media pages to handle customer complaints and answer common queries from users. However, chatbots can also be deployed in stores to provide better customer service and improve the overall shopping experience.  

More and more businesses are turning to chatbots to guide customers through the sale process and help them solve minor technical issues. What makes these bots so effective is the fact that these virtual assistants can easily keep track of a client’s transactional history and recall it when needed for some specific task. Plus, they tackle repetitive jobs in an efficient manner, thereby saving the company time and money.

Video-Based Messages

According to research, the use of videos is believed to be the most effective tool in digital marketing. More than 50% of marketers consider videos to be the most powerful tool in their arsenal.

Businesses are using videos to promote their brand, build customer relationships, and everything in between. Therefore, if you want to establish a positive brand image for your company, make sure to include videos in your digital marketing strategy.

You can post short videos about your products on your website, send emails containing a video-based message, or even incorporate video marketing into your social media marketing campaigns. For instance, you can do a live broadcast as part of your Facebook marketing campaigns to attract more viewers and increase brand awareness.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Although this is a relatively old approach, there are still several businesses that have sidelined the importance of optimization for mobile phones so far.

While the use of desktop computers and laptops is still prevalent for office use and other similar purposes, it goes without saying that it is their smartphones that are permanently glued to people’s hands.

Be it browsing the best deals in town, looking for the nearest restaurant, shopping for the latest products and so on, the majority of people use mobile phones to search for various goods and services. Therefore, mobile-friendly web design is highly important for every business that wants to stay profitable in the long run. It allows easy navigation and generates better user engagement, which automatically leads to increased sales.

Businesses are investing in web development to make their websites mobile-friendly. This overhaul usually encompasses customizing the website for tablets as well so that the site is easily accessible through various devices.


In addition to the trends mentioned above, there are various other trends in digital marketing, such as influencer marketing, voice search, and content marketing. You can partner with famous people in the online world to promote your brand amongst their fans or use voice search technology to boost sales. Similarly, starting a blog to publish content related to your niche is another way that many businesses are making the most of digital marketing in today’s world.

Follow the latest trends in digital marketing to generate more leads and drive more traffic to your sales funnel to stay ahead of the competition.