Man clicking on a live chat icon

Customers are the heart and soul of every business. Creating a positive brand image requires creating positive customer experiences and this cannot be achieved until you offer great customer service.

However, in this age of digitalization where the e-commerce industry is only growing bigger with each passing day, customer service has taken a whole different meaning. It’s not just about having a salesperson to guide the visitors through the store or someone whom they can contact in case of any complaints. Since most of the transactions are being done online, businesses need to keep a close check on the website traffic and ensure positive user engagement to drive up sales. Having live chat support is one of the best ways to create positive customer experiences in the online world and is one of the latest strategies in digital marketing.

Live chat might not be one of the latest strategies in digital marketing per se, but it is surely one of the must-have website features for every business that wants to stay successful in the long run.

Take a look at the various ways in which live chat benefits your business by helping you secure loyal customers.

1.     Ensures Fast Responses That Keeps Customers Satisfied

One of the main benefits of live chat over traditional customer support tools such as telephone calls and emails is the reduced response time.

Everyone knows how notorious phone calls to customer support agents really are. Even if the support agents are working at their maximum best, their pace seems sluggishly slow to the callers who have to wait for several minutes, if not hours before they are connected to a live operator. On the other hand, getting a reply to the emails can often take a day at least. Needless to say, this is a huge problem in today’s fast paced life where the potential customer will simply turn to another brand or your competitor to fulfill their needs.

With live chat software, businesses can easily tackle multiple queries at the same time. When customers get a fast response to their queries, they feel more heard and thus, will favor your brand over the other alternatives.

2.     Makes Online Shopping More Convenient

According to research conducted by Forester Research, more than 40% of customers require some sort of help to complete their payment when shopping online. This can include something as simple as confirming the item’s delivery date, ensuring money-back guarantee and inquiring about the return procedure or anything in between.

Live chat software allows you to program the answers to common questions such as payment method into the system so that common queries are addressed immediately. This means that your customers will not face any roadblocks in checking out of the store successfully. Also, the live chat feature is embedded directly on your webpage so that the customer’s shopping experience is not interrupted.

3.     Reduces Extra Expenditure

It might take some initial investment but maintaining live chat software has a very low running cost. The process can be automated for the most part which means that you don’t need to hire a lot of representatives for customer support. Although it does require human monitoring and a few individuals to handle the more complicated client queries, the total cost of maintaining a live chat system is still far less than the average cost for running a call center on the same scale.

Live chat does not just save your customers from the usually annoying experience of calling an 0800 number, but also makes it easy for them to navigate through your online store and find what they are looking for. It can improve business operations, increase leads and thus drive up your sales revenue. All in all, live chat is a must-have feature for your website because it can help take your business to the next level.