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This month Amazing Marketing Limited has released a new Google Ads package which is attracting great interest. It is designed to overcome the pitfalls that result in the poor results experienced by many businesses. After analysing their own clients’ results for the last three years, six key rules became apparent. It is around these rules, they have designed their new package. “The main problem is that most websites, though attractive and informative, are poorly designed as marketing tools” states Peter McKaskell, their marketing guru, “Secondly, not enough measurement strategies are being activated to measure the return on investment.”

Google Ads is the most cost-effective form of advertising because it places a company’s adverts in front of the very people searching for that company’s products or services. This is pure targeting and the best thing is, that the company pays only when a person clicks on their advert. It’s what happens after that, which is the challenge needing a carefully designed strategy.

This new strategy addresses the need for a high sales conversion rate along with quality interaction with new prospective customers. Through detailed tracking of either phone calls or emails, it provides accurate data to measure the exact return on investment.

Business owners need to save themselves the time, pain and headaches of learning how to use Google Ads productively. Google Ads marketing has become far too complex for business owners to learn to use effectively. Anyone trying, will waste large amounts of their advertising budget. Apart from this, business owners do not have the time needed to create and monitor their campaigns. It’s a daily commitment that requires, not only time, but vast experience as well as in-depth knowledge. Nowadays, one really needs to be a Google Certified operator to achieve optimum results.

It’s a skill best left to the experts which is why Amazing Marketing Limited has developed a compact package that will produce great results. It is a vital marketing tool for any business wanting to attract new customers. “This new Google Ads package is a marketing machine on steroids” Peter says. Read more at