The New Way of Digital Marketing & PR

Digital (Social Media) marketing is changing while traditional PR methods are right out the window.

TL;DR: Marketing in 2019 sees a sharp trend toward high quality, useful, content that helps to educate, rather than peddle wares. It’s a great year for the internet, consumers & businesses!

Advertisements on social media are gone for companies who want credibility and a high profile. In his book “The New Rules of Marketing & PR”, David Meerman Scott reveals that the new era of publishing good copy is here. It’s all in the SEO. If you are writing copy with good SEO then the customers you want, will find you. His other observations are to be prolific and to have a content marketing plan – one for the whole year.

When you think about it, it is quite logical. When anyone wants something, where do they go now? Straight to Google and, what does Google do? Google searches the web for all the most relevant content pertaining to that search request.

No longer does a business need to advertise to people but simply publish good content that Google can find.

It’s the AI (artificial intelligence) that does it. Google is now using AI throughout their whole system for all their services. For their search services through Google Chrome, AI does all the work and because AI is so thorough, it will find the most relevant information for which someone is searching. This means it will find your own written information if it fits the searcher’s words. We’re not talking about keywords here, but phrases and concepts. Yes, Google no longer searches for keywords, but now focuses on conceptual searching.

If you write informative and helpful articles like this one (I’ve already given you the best book to read on digital marketing!) then the people needing your product or services will be led right to you by Google.

The companies who give the searchers the most relevant and helpful content will be the companies who win the most customers.

For example, because I have put a link on the title of David Meerman Scott’s book, then anyone searching that title will be led to this blog – for years to come.

No longer do you need to spend big bucks on digital advertising when blogs and posts will achieve long lasting results. It makes sense really: an advert has a very short life whereas a blog on your website lasts forever.

The money you were spending on advertising now needs to go towards good copywriters. Larger companies will have their own publishing team, complete with an editor who plans the new digital marketing content, well ahead.

Helpful and informative content coupled with good SEO is the secret.

The Amazing Marketing company is a company of the future and they know where the future of marketing lies. For the past year they have been looking for the best people to train as dedicated copywriters. They are building up a team of journalists and copywriters to create intensive internet publishing for their clients. If you know someone who would be suitable, please contact them.

Content marketing is the strategy of the future.

If you can find the right people to plan and publish your content on line, then your company will rise above all other companies in its sector.

TL;DR: Being known by consumers as an authority and leader in your industry will help you rise above your competitors; as you’ve proven your knowledge, care & expertise via content.

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