Black Swan Event

When Peter McKaskell set up Amazing Marketing Limited, he designed it to be free of the adverse effects of Black Swan events like Covid-19. He designed the business plan as a company of the future to avoid the challenges that hamper small businesses. Having owned and run several SME’s, Peter knew that the biggest killer of small businesses was their overheads.Apart from the registered office at Peter’s home, you will not find a physical location for Amazing Marketing Limited as its whole business is cloud based. “When people ask me where’s my office and I say it’s in the cloud, they laugh at me.” said Peter McKaskell, “I then show it to them on my smart phone”.

He goes on to explain that they use Microsoft 365 Business with its “Teams” feature to store and track all their client’s projects. It’s a fully functioning digital office. “I can sit in my car or in a restaurant and observe the status of all our projects as well as who is currently working on them” he states, “If I see there’s a problem developing then I can quickly call a video meeting with the people working on that particular project.”

With over twenty specialists currently working on client’s projects, none of them are employees of the company as they are all contractors. Some are working from their own office spaces while others are working from home. All work carried on as usual during the Covid-19 lockdowns. “Not one client was lost” Peter McKaskell said, “In fact, we gained clients.” Peter McKaskell acts as the business development manager, onboarding new clients and visiting them in their boardrooms.

“Now that the lockdowns have got business people using Zoom, I think I will use that more often for meetings, to avoid the time spent driving to meetings” observed Peter. He said that Google were encouraging their staff to connect with clients through video calls rather than by phone or physical meetings. When Peter visited Google’s London office, he noticed dedicated video booths for that purpose. “I may set up a video booth in my home” joked Peter. “We are a company of the future” he said. The whole business plan for Amazing Marketing Limited is based on avoiding all the pitfalls that small businesses face. Now that Amazing Marketing has solved the overheads dilemma, it has developed a system for maintaining good cash flow as well as not needing vast capital amounts to grow. “We will be able to weather the imminent economic storm” Peter said, “We will be around for a long time yet as Black Swan events don’t affect us.” Having owned various businesses over the last 40 years, Peter McKaskell is happy to share his ideas with other business owners. Find him online at