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It’s very simple, really – if you don’t show on the first page of a Google search for your products or services then potential customers will not find your website. The science that gets you on that first page is known as Search Engine Optimisation which is why we retain a specialist team who work solely on advanced SEO for our clients. That’s all they do, work on our clients’ websites to get them on the first page of Google.

How can people find your website? The Google algorithm which shows your website on the first page is very complex and secret to Google. Only specialists in this area can edit your website to make it compatible with the Google search algorithm. Business owners in New Zealand profit from SEO through the increase of targeted visitors to their website. Call us now, to find out how it can work for your website.

Why doesn’t my website have good SEO?

Good website developers make a website with basic SEO that allows Google to find and register the website. To have it rated on the first page of searches, needs advanced SEO work. This requires a scientific analysis of the main keywords and phrases that potential customers are likely to use. Our specialist will research how your competitors are maintaining their rankings while comparing which key phrases are ranking them above your website.

Do I need to rebuild my website?

No, this is not necessary. If you allow us to access the back end of your website then we will make the necessary adjustments for you. Alternatively, we can give your web developer the information for the changes to be made. The changes are quite subtle therefore don’t require a remake of the website.

Do I need to spend money on SEO if I am using Google Adwords?

SEO and Google Adwords go hand in hand. The better your SEO then the more highly rated are your ads by Google. Furthermore, your Adwords budget goes much further through having top SEO. We have found that Christchurch companies running Adwords campaigns, who have not invested in advanced SEO, end up spending a great deal more to attract customers through their Adwords marketing.

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Get more leads through local and effective Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is all about making sure your content will be found through natural – or unpaid – search results. It’s part science and part art. You need this if you want to understand your target market better and ensure your website ranks highly in relevant searches.


An initial audit is carried out, to ensure that the spend is focused on the areas most likely to produce a return. A keyword list is created for use in the monthly optimisation of the website.

For our Stage 1 service you will receive:

  • An SEO audit
  • A Keyword Research and Master List (approximately 150 keywords)
  • An Action Plan tailored to your requirements.

The price for this first stage is $845.00 + GST


Based on our analysis and action plan, we will work through the various techniques and the highest-yielding keywords first. Once this is done, we will move to the next best keywords as you rank. This approach speeds up results and helps you to see a positive ROI earlier in the campaign. Stage 2 is continually monitored and updated on a monthly basis.

Depending on the research above we will include:

  • Metadata copywriting, including page titles and meta descriptions to improve click rates in Google.
  • Review website structure including internal and external links, URLs and headers.
  • Sitemap submission to Google and indexing audit.
  • Website content strategy suggestions/consultation.
  • Creating and optimising Google My Business listing to improve presence.
  • Listing on Apple Maps
  • Optimising any videos or images on site to improve loading times
  • SEO ranking and performance reports.
  • Backlink creations


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