Social Media on Smartphone

It surprises me how many LinkedIn profiles I visit where they do not have anything in the banner picture. Most people have a Facebook picture but so often of very poor quality while many are nondescript. This is your most valuable real estate on the internet. It’s here, where you need to make a big effort to promote yourself and your business by having a smart social media profile. It’s even more important on business pages like LinkedIn.

Create the best first impression with a professional profile picture. It’s worth $125 (that’s what we charge) to have a picture taken by a professional photographer who will get your pose right, smiling and looking straight at the camera. Now you have a great professional picture to use on your website, on signatures and on printed brochures.

The banner itself is so important that it pays to ask a graphic artist to design one for you. This is your first impression to searchers coming to your page therefore it must look spectacular. The best ones have a WOW factor. It needs to be informative, as well, showing exactly who you are and what you do. Here should be your by-line that tells the viewer the benefit they gain from connecting with you.

One chance to make a first impression

Do this by completing all the summary sections. Give as much information about yourself as you can. Make it interesting. Be original and maybe quirky to capture the reader’s interest enough for them to click the See more link to read the rest. Share inspiring information and vision statements. Ask at least three credible people for testimonials which will verify your skill set. Approach clients, colleagues or industry peers to give you quality recommendations. If you have a website and a brand then coordinate your logo, fonts and pictures.

LinkedIn is a professional network which has a stricter etiquette than Facebook or Instagram. Be careful to follow their rules to maintain your credibility because you are presenting yourself to a professional community here therefore you need a smart social media profile.

No matter what the platform, having a smart, fully completed profile will not only make you feel good but convey a sense of who you are, to the viewer. It will give you a personality and portray a genuine attitude.

Business Pages

Business owners should have a business page, as well, but don’t treat it like a simple business listing giving basic information. A business page needs to be optimised to generate leads. It starts with the banner picture where your special offer or point of difference can be displayed. Displaying a company name and logo only, is just a waste of this valuable space.

Further optimising of the page is achieved through posting fresh and interesting content to attract your target audience. Not only written content but videos are essential to engage the viewer. Companies using videos get twice the engagement than those who don’t, while a smart phone is all that is needed to produce a video good enough for social media.

Not only does a well-presented profile grow your personal brand but it grows your business brand as well. Used skilfully, it will attract high quality followers who spend more time on your page.